We have brought together a wide range of people with select skills that add value to all that we do. Despite the breadth of skill, one thing remains constant: we hire like-minded individuals who are passionate about Hospitality and Customer Service and who all live our underlying Values of Respect, Humility and Passion. Like any business, people are our greatest point of difference and we work hard to develop and nurture them, to ensure their well-being and growth are key essentials in our day to day operations. Our staff represent the face of our business, it is they who greet our customers, serve them and provide the essence of the experience that these patrons look for. It is they to whom we owe our success.

  • Bradley Michael

    Bradley Michael

    Founder / Chief Executive Officer

  • Brent Solomon

    Brent Solomon

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Steve Kastoun

    Steve Kastoun

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Chad Rahme

    Chad Rahme

    Brand Operations Manager – R&B

  • Mona Ibrahim

    Mona Ibrahim

    Media Relations Specialist

  • Wayne Solomon

    Wayne Solomon

    Food Development Analyst

  • Cam Istiaque

    Cam Istiaque

    Head of Training

  • Melanie Michael

    Melanie Michael

    Creative Director

  • Adam Waldron

    Adam Waldron

    Head of IT

  • Annie Mesiano

    Annie Mesiano

    Systems Analyst 

  • Arman Rosales

    Arman Rosales

    Senior Accountant – Restaurants

  • Elaine Hanna

    Elaine Hanna

    Culture Engagement Manager

  • Sam Hasim

    Sam Hasim

    Marketing Manager – Restaurants

  • Joel Davis

    Joel Davis

    Beverage Manager – Restaurants

  • Pawan Khatri

    Junior Accountant – Restaurants

  • Jason Furner

    Jason Furner

    Labour Advisor

  • Lucky Ncube

    Lucky Ncube

    Meat Master

  • Peter Duong

    Peter Duong

    Senior Accountant-QSR

  • Teresa Rosales

    Teresa Rosales

    Senior Accountant Restaurants – International

  • Tim Travers

    Tim Travers

    Graphic Designer

  • Troy Mattingly

    Troy Mattingly

    Brand Operations Manager – MWCO

  • Adam Issa

    Adam Issa

    National Marketing Specialist- QSR, R&B and ISK

  • Leire Perez

    Leire Perez

    Human Resources Advisor

  • Steve lamprianos

    Steve lamprianos

    Operations Manager VIC

  • Savannah Michael

    Savannah Michael

    Recruitment Specialist

  • Katie Terry

    Katie Mattingly

    Training Instructional Design

  • Laurie Thorpe

    Laurie Thorpe

    Operations Manager – WA

  • Kate Berry

    Kate Berry

    Human Resources Advisor

  • Joe Yousef

    Joe Yousef

    Financial Controller

  • Yvette Wagemaker

    Yvette Wagemaker

    Payroll Manager

  • Maggie De La Hoyde

    Maggie De La Hoyde

    Payroll & Accounts Co-ordinator

  • Kelly Marshall

    Kelly Marshall

    Head of Human Resources

  • Kim Solomon

    Kim Solomon

    Accounts Receivables/Payable Manager

  • Marianthi Kotrotsou

    Louis Kwete

    Assistant Meat Master

  • Louis Kwete

    Marianthi Kotrotsou

    Accounts Receivables/Payable Assistant

  • Victoria Hua

    Victoria Hua

    Marketing Coordinator 

  • Dominic Bakos

    Dominic Bakos

    Accounts Receivables/Payable Assistant

  • Tara Shambrook

    Tara Shambrook

    Human Resources Advisor

  • Trish Fourie

    Trish Fourie

    Accounts Receivables/Payable Co-ordinator

  • Cailtin Smalley

    Caitlin Smalley

    Marketing Manager – H&B 

  • Emma Lugin

    Emma Lugin

    Recruitment Specialist

  • Nitasha Grover

    Nitasha Grover

    Guest Services Department Training Coordinator

  • Paige Solomon

    Amber Solomon

    BOH Training Coach – H&B

  • Rashpal Singh

    Rashpal Singh

    Kitchen Operations Manager – MWCO

  • Robin Sehmi

    Robin Sehmi

    Operations Coach – R&B VIC

  • Vanessa Daaboul

    Vanessa Daaboul

    Accountant – QSR

  • Kirsty Solomon

    Kirsty Solomon

    Recruitment Specialist

  • Avinash 1Avinash Sami

    OH&S Manager

  • Sean Hall

    Sean Hall

    6 head Executive Chef
    MWC Brand Food Manager

  • Kerryn Skehan

    Kerryn Skehan

    Human Resources Advisor

  • shadi Harb In-House Counsel

    Shadi Harb

    In-House Counsel

  • Anabel Accorinti

    Anabel Accorinti

    Social and Digital Specialist

  • justine

    Justine Carioti

    Events Co-Ordinator

  • Alison Casey

    Alison Casey

    Marketing Specialist – B&F 

  • David Ovens

    David Ovens

    Head of Marketing

  • Phil Keelan

    Phil Keelan

    Operations Coach R&B NSW

  • Mischka Marcucci

    Mischka Marcucci

    Training Coach ISK

  • Harry Ohayon

    Harry Ohayon

    Brand Operations Manager ISK

  • Giulio Marchese

    Giulio Marchese

    Food Development Manager – ISK

  • Etienne Lubbe

    Etienne Lubbe

    Food Manager – Ribs & Burgers

  • Ben Preston

    Ben Preston

    Senior Beverage Manager

  • Emile Turqui

    Emile Turqui

    Operations Coach NSW M&WCo / 6Head

  • Thais Helena Valdivia

    Thais Helena Valdivia

    Payroll & HR Assistant